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When you are managing a property for someone, even though your paycheck comes from the property owner, the truth is you serve two masters. Your other master is the tenant. Keep the tenant happy, and they are more likely to pay their rent on time, give you an early heads up when something needs repair, and do their best not to trash the joint. Here, we offer some tips on how to provide superior property management Fairfax VA companies.

It starts with a handshake

Your relationship with a tenant begins the moment they walk in the door looking for a rental. Greet them warmly and offer them a hot or cold beverage. No matter how busy your office seems to be while they are waiting, never let them feel neglected. Glance up at them and smile once in a while and make sure their beverages are topped up.

Prospective tenants often turn up in pairs, so they can keep each other reasonably entertained while they are waiting to talk to you about their rental needs. For the singletons, keep up to date reading material in your waiting area, or have the television tuned in to a popular program. Having a well-landscaped exterior and a warmly decorated office will make them feel comfortable and not mind having to wait. Try not to keep them waiting long, and greet each one of them with a friendly handshake and say their name out loud.

After they’ve signed on the dotted line

Property inspections

No doubt you will have incorporated an inspection timetable into the tenancy agreement. Never turn up unannounced; give them the opportunity to spit and polish the place and show it in its best condition. Agree a mutually convenient date and time for the visit and be prompt! Their time is as valuable as yours. If something has come at the last minute and they are not able to meet their part of the commitment, politely arrange another date and move on. Believe it or not, there are landlords who turn up an hour late, and then pound on the door shrieking to be let in. Don’t be like these landlords.

While you are conducting the inspection, note what needs attention from your end, mention it, and ask if there are other things that need to be fixed. Repairs are a lot easier and cheaper to fix when you catch a problem early. Your tenants will appreciate your attentiveness.

Maintaining the property

Appliances, furniture, fitments, everything in the house has a limited shelf life. That is why there are so many carpet, curtain, and furniture stores dotted around the community. You will probably have included a maintenance schedule into the tenancy agreement, so stick to it. When your tenant reports a breakage or a blockage or one of the many types of catastrophe that can suddenly happen, deal with it promptly. Plumbing matters often require immediate attention so arrange to have a 24/7 plumber on standby. The same applies to locksmiths, glaziers, and any other type of tradesman that needs to be on the job at short notice to deal with an emergency. If the health and safety of the tenants or the security of the home is at stake, deal with it immediately. For nonurgent maintenance matters, get on the phone and arrange a contractor the next day and follow up to make sure the tenant is satisfied with the job.

Finally, when they move on and are due a return of their security deposit, do so promptly. Treat your tenants like gold and they will return the favor by telling their friends about you. This, in turn, will make you look good to your property owners, and that can only be good for you!

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